Hanwha Life
Brand eXperience Design Renewal

Plus X
Creative Director Shin Myungsup
BX Planner Im Taesu, Kim Minkyung
BX Designer Chun Junhyuck, Choi Suji, Kim Hyunwoo


Hanwha Life
Whang Injung, Hwang Jiyoung, Hwang Jungyeon, Cho hwisu

HANWHA LIFE, sub-brand of HANWHA group, is the first life insurance company of Korea.
HANWHA LIFE aims for warm-hearted companion who always be with their customer for their better life.
Through a design that reflects warm and careful brand image, HANWHA LIFE wants to be a differentiated
insurance company from other competitors and also be the first company that crosses customer’s mind.

Project Goal
We proceeded integrated brand experience design renewal by reestablishing
HANWHA LIFE’s brand image and by applying consistent design to various touch points.

Brand eXperience Design
HANWHA LIFE’s own blandness is made by reflecting HANWHA LIFE’s design principle at its design essence
such as color, visual motif, typography, icon, diagrams, illustration etc. and applying it at various customer touch points.
This can make HANWHA LIFE’s own brand tone and manner that is differentiated from other competitors, and also helps customer to recognize HANWHA LIFE’s own brand image. In case of color, It can maintain consistency of identity by using HANWHA group’s orange color, but through HANWHA LIFE’s own differentiated graphic motif, illustration
and etc. HANWHA LIFE can adjust a balance between HANWHA LIFE itself and its mother brand, HANWHA.

Hanwha Life Brand eXperience Design Renewal