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All About Nicotine Stomatitis
Nicotine stomatitis is a condition that you might have to worry about and talk to your Eugene dentists about if you’re someone that smokes cigars or pipes. This used to be much more common in the early days, but it definitely is still around if you smoke these. In essence, it’s a change in the mucosa because of the heat produced from smoking. It’s not because of the chemicals. It results in chronic exposure of the palate to heat streams from the smoking or the pipe or cigar.

The long-term intake of hot beverages actually causes similar changes, but it’s not typically associated with this, since this is often from smoking. It’s a good thing to know about, since it is reversible if you stop this. However, if you don’t know if you have this, you should definitely make sure that you get a biopsy if that is the case. Often, in some regions it’s called the reverse smoker’s palate since often this is seen in various countries that smoke hand-rolled cigarettes and cigars that are actually lit in the mouth.

Now, the clinical features of this are as follows: typically you see this in people over the age of 45, and it often tends to have the long-term exposure of heat to see this. It’s more see in males than females, and often you have to still be smoking or have heavily smoked for years as well. In this, it often shows a gray or white elevated papules that are numerous and often have red centers that are seen in the images. The teeth typically have black and brown stains, similar to those in any other tobacco smokes.

The structures are often just inflamed and the orifices and glands are often just red because of this. In extreme cases, it does have a “dried mud” appearance because of the fissures and the palatal keratin being thickened. Because of this, normally these are the main signs, but you also might notice it in other palates and in some of the papilla.

Now, the other features of this are often this condition is seen in the hyperkeratosis of the palatal epithelium, a patchy and chronic inflammation of the connective tissue and mucosal glands, a squamous metaplasia of the excretory ducts, inflammation of the duct lumina, hyperplastic ductal epithelium in some of the orifices such as in the case with popular levation, and occasionally, there is epithelial dysplasia, although this is rarely seen.

Now, the thing about this, is that the treatment of this is simple. You quit the habit. That’s really all that is to it. It’s a condition that is simple to reverse, and often, as soon as you quit the habit, you’ll be able to see the results right away. However, in the rare occasions, there is often some malignant transformation. Although, this is a very very rare case, so it’s often not something to worry about. Remember, this is caused by a prolonged exposure to heat over a long period of time, so if you take away the heat source, or even just lower it, it’ll help to get rid of it. Now, if you’re only doing a little bit of smoking, it won’t fully go away. You need to cease the habit for it to not bother you. so, if you’re thinking you can take the easy way out of this, chances are you probably won’t.

This is a very interesting condition, and you might not even know that this is happening unless you talk to your Eugene dentist. They might notice the signs inside of you, such as the inflammation and the little bumps and such on these various tissues. Your dentist will check this, and if It’s possible, they will give you a treatment option. Now obviously, the way to beat any of these conditions is to just stop doing this, and while smoking is a very hard habit to cease, it’s a habit that isn’t good for you, and while this is a mild condition, it’s still a condition that should be considered because of what it can potentially lead to, since it might be one of many conditions inside.