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Samsung Wave Commercial
Motion Graphics
Samsung Wave Commercial

When Media Republic came to us for a TVC promoting the Wave phone, Samsungs latest creation, we jumped at the chance. Seeing as Samsung has a rich history of TVCs, we set out to differentiate ours from the commercials that usually play out on dutch national television by devising a dark tale of conception. The concept consisted of the phone, breaking free of a seabed of silicon-like rock formations, and travelling upwards towards the light of day, emerging out of the sea.

We were given complete freedom by Samsung - the USPs (unique selling points) of the phone needed to be communicated somehow, but that was it. The two of us created and delivered the TVC in a record-breaking time of three weeks, and we are still catching up on sleep. The wonderful soundtrack was made by Joris van Grunsven (studio Takt), and the rockbed was detailed in 3D by the talented Maxim Fleury.

This is our favorite version - the aired original was cut down to 25 seconds, and features a dutch voice over emphasizing the USPs.
Client: Media Republic
Producer: Gerben Molenaar
Direction, Concept, Compositing, 3D and Animation:
Marvin Koppejan and Michiel Krop
Additional 3D: Maxim Fleury
Music and Sound Design: 
Studio Takt
Samsung Wave Commercial