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    the Boys who Love to Levitate - imagination and Dream we used to have
I believe that every boys used to have a dream to fly one day like superman, or having super natural ability to float around. It is Imagination of the boys Defy the gravity. Floating around as they want.

What they are trying to do is "There is no Force". The Boys want to show the natural feeling of the levitating.

insipired by the Japanese photographer Natsumi Hayashi
the series of 'The Girl Who Love to Levitation'

*none super photo editing*
ongoing photography
Running Float -
Zero Gravity - while waiting at the traffic light
moving up
what's inside?
new style of shooting? - performance mid air 
hovering to the shelter
levitate through the paddy field
behind the scene of levitate - 
yes, it could be upside down -
what's up there?