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    megaman you old soldier...
So i´ve been working on this old veteran version of megaman, a game I enjoyed a lot as a kid, I decided to do the drawing by hand and then color it digitally, it turned out allright I think.
The first drawing was done with mechanical pencils, one with 0.9 red leads. It´s a big drawing and I have to scan it in separate files to merge them later... it´s a pain in thy arse.
 Once scanned, I figured I could put a lot more of detail, texture and contrast into the drawing so I did not have to solve that later on in the computer. For the stronger lines I used a regular 6B drawing pencil (mechanical pencil lines are too thin)
 I set the drawing layer blending mode on "multiply" (or similar) to avoid having to delete the "whites" and other details. Below that I put many layers for the color.
 It was looking quite dark so I increased the brightness a bit and put a lot of textures in the armor as well as many colors more besides the dark blue I was using. For the helmet I started playing around with blending modes to obtain those bright lines you see. There´s a lot of watercolor brushes also...
 It still looked kind of dull so I put some more brightness in it, I duplicated the drawing layer and used various blending modes like hard light and luminosity to get those neon like lines, I used lots of layer masks too. When you put an internal source of light you have to imagine how it interacts with the rest of the image, I solved that later on.
 Along the process I started to notice that the arm looked kind of little and in an awkward position so I had to cut that and enlarge it a little bit. I wanted to show how the cannon fused with his arm but oh well...
 Finally I solved the reflections of the inner light sources and added lots of tiny details about everywhere. I did some particles also so one can imagine that the cannon is about to load a bad ass discharge... did that with color dodge blending modes and gaussian blur. The light coming from the orange and magenta little tanks (did I say that right?) was done with render clouds and layer masks also... and I blurred some stuff, yeah. That´s it, it took a lot of patience but I hope some find it cool, I did it while listening to this book called "The Wind-up Girl", it´s pretty good.