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    Handcrafted Menu
"Skybar" is situated on 22nd floor of Radisson Blu in Vilnius and is proud of a wide selection of genuine cocktails.
Continuing Cosmo theme we introduced an idea to handcraft new menu, choosing real thing - plasticine, to embody the Planets of Solar System. Each Planet was linked to a certain set of cocktails of special recipes & appearance. The Planets were handmade, thinking of their true sizes & colour codes, surface peculiarities. But as long as we were into making a Menu for the Bar, the aim - to make Key Visual live and vibrant, and savour - predominated.
Simple typography and the explicit shortly written descriptions next to the Planets and Cocktails, made the Menu easy & relaxing to navigate and read. 
As an example the Planet “Earth” got a name Great Place To Live and its cocktail - “Little Green Men”, described as Alien Drink, offered. 

Happy Client: Radisson Blu, Vilnius. 
Pleased Skybar Visitors.