Two weeks ago, I downloaded Adobe illustrator Draw on my iPad. Decided to test the possibility of creating my Stylised Vector illustrations with it, and i was so satisfied with the results, That i decided
to share it and update my portfolio regularly with some fresh illustration.

After Sketching my initial illustration using paper and good old graphite pencil, i scanned it then used
The illustration is for a very famous Egyptian movie, where the protagonist have a daydream about another famous Actor "Ghasan Matar" answering his call for help by advising in a very deep voice
"DO THE RIGHT THING" and as our 
protagonist insist for help he keeps on repeating these words... 

Hope you enjoy as much as i did enjoy illustrating it.

My Process in finalising the gradient in Adobe illustrator and then Typography in Adobe Photoshop CC
music credit : Pixie Dust by Escape
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