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    Concept and series of greeting cards
Greeting cards 2017
Concept and series of greeting cards for various celebrations
Common tasks often transform into a complicated problems when you must solve they by new way every time. How to make different cards with same style in short time? A great heritage of russian, european and american artists is an inexhaustible source of stories, colors and objects. So I decided to use this treasury in my project.
Задача сделать яркую необычную электронную открытку превращается в нетривиальную проблему, когда сталкиваешься с ней из года в год. В этот раз была предложена совершенно новая концепция, в рамках которой можно было сделать открытку на любой повод, благо наследие, оставленное русскими и зарубежными художниками-живописцами, практически неисчерпаемо:
The 8th of March: International Women's Day
The 23rd of February: Defender of the Fatherland Day
The 1st of May: Celebration of Spring and Labor (International Workers' Day)
The 9th of May: Victory Day (victory over Nazi Germany)
The 12th of June: Russia Day (Day of the Adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation)
The 22nd of July: Day of sellers
The 4th of November: Unity Day
The 31st of January: New Year's Eve and New Year's Day
Birthday of a client
Birthday of a company