A Positive Focus Control Points In One Direction - Up!
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A Positive Focus Control Points In One Direction - Up!
How ones sees life in the relationship with themselves or the relationship with others, can make the difference between success and failure, and sadness and happiness,
The way you see the world becomes your world. Those who never blame others for their failures have what psychologists call "internal locus of control." The opposite point of view is "external locus of control".

The concept of locus control is an important personality trait. Locus control is a measure of one's character as expressed by a person's attitude or behavior. The problem with describing one's personality from the perspective of locus control is that a personality type is viewed as one dimensional.

In other words, one is described as either as being an internal or external locus control person, in the same way, that a person is defined as being an introvert or an extrovert. However, from an a prior basis alone, a personality is far more complex than to be described by one continuum of behaviors.

A person who is said to have the attributes of an internal locus control person is supposed to be self-aware, confident, self-assured, are less stressful, do not experience bouts of depresson, social maturity and self-motivated. In other words, a person with this personality type is one who has complete control over their lives.
If things do not work out in any area of their lives, it’s because one lacked the power to make the best or the right decisions. In other words, external factors were not the central reason why you are successful in life or not.

Also, luck is not a factor nor do you blame anyone else for your failures or attribute your successes to acts of other people. For example, success in school is directly related to hard work and not a static IQ number.

A person with external locus control may describe life as less than worthy and success, or lack of success is based upon a measure of one's luck. This person will also think in of life as being fair or not be fair. If you are not successful, then you have an excuse and do not look inward, and you look at particular events that are out of your control.
Research studies have examined the impact of locus control from the basis of whether a company is successful or not. It was found that the success or reaching the goals of a company, was not based on luck because the company is successful notwithstanding a stressful economy or other negative events.

The art of positive thinking, which can be learned, many times will bring success in your life. Using relaxing techniques and avoiding negative thinking people or negative environments, will slowly make positive changes in one's life. Positive thinking can be reinforced by associating yourself with positive thinking people. In other words, a personality type can undergo subtle changes by adopting a positive point of view.

A person can move from an external locus control to internal local control by practice and by living in a positive reinforcing environment. Making changes in behavior assumes that there are no personality traits that are associated with an intractable personality disorder. It is the focus of psychotherapy to instill confidence in a person that they have the power to change their lives.