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How to download latest Spotify premium music app

 I want to give you guys the latest way to get Spotify Premium Apk for free. Now you can get it right now so the other way I showed you is not working and the way I'm about to show you is working.  I know you guys want to see how to do this because a bunch of people are commenting on my blog,  I'm actually going to put up a few comments now but you guys are saying there's one of my heads down the Spotify has done.  We need another way to get Spotify I'm going to show you how to get Spotify Premium for free in this video today okay so let's switch over to my iPhone and I'll show you that it actually is working and then now we can jump right into the video.
 Ok  guys here we go as you can see there is the Spotify app now you might think this is the real Spotify but it's not the real Spotify I'll show you as soon as I open it and this one is what I'm going to be loading the Spotify Premium for free here it is right here and then we get loaded onto the Spotify page it looks exactly like the normal one you know that I'm going to go ahead

and log in quickly and show you that it is the premium version I'm just going to go ahead and log in with Facebook it can actually see it's the first time I'm logging in but I know that this does work as you can see the previous Spotify

will just crash when you try and open it this is the premium version let me go to my settings quick you guys so account here you can see that my subscription status is premium and then as you can see it is that hex Spotify because it's

got spot life right here labeled everything is good and this is working spot let me just play some music quickly so you guys actually believe me if you don't go and play my Drake radio the man Drake himself hey hey I'm just going to

skip keep skipping keep skipping no problems ok guys you want the Spotify app it is working it is incredible I'm going to show you guys how to get it ok guys so like I just said working Spotify you are going to need a computer for

this way to get the new Spotify until 2:00 to get backup check me out on Twitter and that's where I keep on like posting updates on the status of the the Spotify head where you can just get it on your phone my Twitter account will be

pasted on the screen now you guys can go ahead and follow me at twitter and that's just an easy way for me to communicate with you guys but yeah the organ in the computer really easy steps those do not stress just follow my steps

and we'll get this done before you can even blink that we're not done yet but you're hoping to be done I'm not funny today so let's switch over to the computer and we'll get started ok guys as you can see I've switched over to my

computer and the first thing I'm going to do is get on to Google Chrome or whatever internet browser you guys want to use Safari Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer it's all going to work but I'm going to use Google Chrome for this

video and as you can see the first bedroom on is Harlem Tuesday or nine-nine net this link is going to be in the video description so just click that first link it's going to take you to this page and then you're going to

see all these cool IPs that you can find what I want you guys to do is to scroll down keep scrolling and we just popped it but there's Spotify plus plus as you can see right there okay now if you all to my channel you will know these steps

okay but if you're new just follow my steps and even if you're old and you like listening to my voice follow my steps but whatever and what we're going to do is click download once you find that support by plus plus just click

download that blue download button and as you can see I've actually downloaded here and that was the test that I just showed you and I'm just going to download it again so I can show you step by step okay now while that's

downloading I want you guys to go to the new tab and type in city and pact or com you don't feel like typing the link is going to be in the description of this video it's the second link and it's going to take you to a page that looks

like this is big city unpacked er at the top and then I want you to go a little ways down it says download city unpacked 2 for Mac Windows Linux or Linux 64-bitokay so I'm on Mac I'm going to click this Mac button if your windows

obviously click the windows button and if you're online next click the Atlantic's button but let's go ahead and download Mac OS X and as you can see we get a new downloading file - really quick download small and once it runs on

there it is done once it's done downloading all I'm going to do is click it and this is how you install it on Mac if you're on Windows go ahead and install it to your desktop it's going to be in a zip file unzip it and it's going

to show you little application like this but on that go ahead and drag it into applications and I've already got it so I'm going to click replace and then how you find it is you go to go build your applications and once they've loaded

scroll a little bit down it's going to be called impactor where am I going there it is right there you can see it says impactor was a little drill bit next to it go ahead and double click that and it's

going to open you to this tiny little page like this ok I'm going to minimize some of my windows here as you guys can see it better ok there we go so I'll just play city unpacked here in the top here as you can

see and I'm waiting for this IP a to be done downloading as it is not done downloading if not what you're going to do is you're going to see that the city impactor is blank okay you know the next step is to

plug your device into your computer andthat is going to fill this little bar so I'm going to show you on camera find your device in and yeah okay so my device is now unplugged or I'm going to do is plug that USB into my computer and

plug it into my device okay and once we do this you'll see I'm sitting impacter you guys will see that our device pops right up into City and back to - called map iPhone and as you can see right there is there okay now all you're going

to do is drag that IPA that we just started that Spotify plus plus IPA from holly to $0.99 and we're going to drag it into the middle of the impacter right there boom drop it in this is where you get it type in your Apple details your

Apple ID details you probably should have an Apple ID I just type in your email so there's my email I'm just blurring it so I don't get then there's my email I'm going to click OK type in your password as well and there's my

password and the last step is just to click OK and then it's going to take that application that we downloaded on our PC and it's going to assign it to our device so take that Spotify from your PC and send it on to your device

now we're just going to wait till this is done and then you're done so your computer guys and I'll show you kind of application on the iPhone ok guys we are almost done with the city and practice's

verifying the application and there we go just complete the I guys you can check on your device you will have a new spotify application and you are not done with the pc you remember I said it was easy steps it is super easy if you need

any help with the computer steps comment ok so let's switch over to the device and I'll show you this point by app ok guys so now we are back on the device and as you can see I've got the new Spotify application right there now the

first time you guys open it you might get an untrusted enterprise developer notification click cancel go to your settings scroll down to general scroll down a little bit more to profiles and device management now you're going to

find your Apple ID email there - right there and you're going to click that and then it's going to show you that Spotify application and all you're going to do is click trust it's going to give you like a trusted and click trust pop-up is

going to pop up and click trust again and then you're going to be able to open the application normally so just like that boom open this is going to pop up the first time you open it and that just shows you that you have downloaded the

hack version say thanks then if you don't have an account go ahead and sign up ok and if you do have an account go ahead and log in again I'm going to login to the Facebook like we did in the beginning ok I'm just going to click OK

there and then it's going to redirect this to the Spotify application and wait a few seconds and we are now in okay boom premium Spotify you thought you couldn't get it you actually can guys how cool is this just to show you

again if I go to my settings and go to account that my epic that it is premium my subscription is premium so you guys can see that we do have that premium subscription okay but with this premium subscription it's not going to let us

download music for that offline use that a lot of you guys want to do all you get is a radio that you can skip on limits that you get no ads like some of the premium features but you can't download offline music again what you're going to

do to get that offline music is going to start a seven day trial okay so go to your settings okay then go to spot life is the top one and then all you're going to do is click reset and close so if you want to know the steps go down here it

says tips it gets what if I can't click reset and close create a new account go to spotlight settings and disable reopen Spotify and go to account and click and then you'll get that active trial so I'm going to go reset Spotify and closed

then once you open Spotify you're going to need to create a new account so go to sign up type in your details create a new account let me do that right now okay guys so I have my details in here all I'm going to do is click sign up and

then it's going to log me and I'm just going to click no thanks to this so now if I go to the spot life settings and I click disable on the enabled I'm going to restart Spotify ok guys and then if I go to account under settings you'll see

that my subscription is not free but I can say get premium start my 7-day trial now we are on spotify premium guys you can say got it and go out go to like browse go to playlist let me show you now charts top fifty and we can click

download and it's going to it's going to start it download their songs like wait for it it's always done it cheering now ensuring is done like if I go to airplane mode I can still play that song so that's when you start downloading

that's how you get that free premium thing for seven days now it might last longer for seven days for you and on mine it lasted longer than seven days just hope that it does last longer than seven days but you do have that premium

account now on Spotify okay guys there is that spotify premium for free hope you enjoyed it let's switch over back to me okay guys you just want to give you a disclaimer before you do this that last step that that getting the trial version

of premium that the last step is only if you can't download music without the trial version, okay and that will just give you a taste of what the Spotify premium can do I know it is not ideal but if you just want to stick with that spotlight

I'm Skip's on the radio no adverts it's actually pretty nice but if you want to download that all fly music you can I have to go with that trial version, there's no other way to do it it's

Unfortunate but there is no other way but yeah guys that are how you get Spotify Premium for free please like this video if you did enjoy it comment if you need any help and subscribe to my channel what about here 200 subscribers

we're going to hit 100 subscribers soon it's awesome join the community I'll see you guys in the next video deuces
spotify premium app

spotify premium app

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