Project: Monterey Pop 1967

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  • Floral pattern design for use as a wall covering (12 feet by 9 feet) at the Monterey Pop exhibit based on the "Odd Bus" pictured at the top of this page.
  • In March of 2012, The Museum of Monterey¬†opened Monterey Pop, an exhibition documenting and exploring the famous 1967 music festival in Monterey, California. In preparation for the exhibition, I was asked to create a series of multimedia projects to be used as part of the visual presentation of the exhibit. Among these projects included a series of photographs documenting the Odd Bus, a floral pattern based on the Odd Bus to be used as a wall mural for the entrance of the exhibit, and a series of 6 short films juxtaposing performances from the various musical acts at the festival with clips from the news and popular media at the time. The videos are shown on a loop on 6 individual monitors throughout the exhibit. The videos each fit a general ideology of the time. The categories include War, Resistance, Liberation,Experimentation, Love, and Enlightenment. An excerpt from War is available below.
  • Sample of tileable pattern designed for use in Monterey Pop promotional material. (This version not tileable to reduce risk of unauthorized use).