"All our designs should have a clear function, a purpose, be simple and in context. "

These patterns are derived from the logos of various technologies that we work with.  Designs generated through these patterns will be used across brand and marketing collaterals. The final patterns are abstract in nature, derived from the core shape of the company (hexagon). 

This is a WIP branding exercise for my company, datascience.com. We provide a platform for data scientists to analyze data and build algorithms. I'm seeking feedback on the brand concept- any thoughts and/or comments are greatly appreciated!


Shapes derived from the logos of various technologies we work with and placed inside our core shape hexagon. 


Use the blue pattern on print collateral as a cover or supporting visual element.


We use variety of colors here in the background to differentiate between different pieces of content.


Use the blue pattern on the website as a background.
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