Such a Stormy Island...
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    Shots from a journey to the Arctic island Moskenes in Norwegian Sea...
Such a Stormy Island...
Moskenes Island, Arctic Norway
Every now and then we come back to the very beginning. Call that nostalgia or a form of obsessive reality check – you’ll be right in both statements. In my case – that happened recently as I started doing black and white photography again.
The travel to my favorite island this time was rather rough by any standards – I turned sick on the first day, a few hours after my ship made it to the little port. Some of my memories from that time are not very clear, as I seemed to be in a state of a quiet fever for half of the trip,  but I managed to shoot after all... I was sleeping and reading all day long, trying to save all my energy for one short walk to the nearby hills during the small hours of the day.   
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