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    CycleLove celebrates bike culture — the art, design, brands, fashion, and most importantly, the people — involved in cycling
Pictograms: Road, BMX, Boris, Dutch, Brompton, Mixte, Penny Farthing and Bullhorn
CycleLove celebrates bike culture — the art, design, brands, fashion and most importantly, the people — involved in cycling.

This is a self-initiated project, inspired by the documentary about octagenargin cyclist/photograph Bill Cunninghan. I watched the film and thought, wait a minute... I have a camera and a bike too... what's stopping me taking some photos here? (The real answer to this was my shyness, which is slowly diminishing as I stop more and more people on bikes to take their photo).

So, I cranked out some logos and a minimal Wordpress website, and CycleLove was born. It's been a creative rush for me... a way to reconnect with the things I love about graphic design... and after years of having my advice ignored by clients, a way to do something that I can pour my soul into.

Earlier in the year I quit my job, packed up my home and travelled across the US, taking photos of people and bikes as I travelled.

The latest addition to the site are our hand-printed t-shirts, which are soon to be joined by a range of posters and mugs, all celebrating the simple pleasure of riding a bike.



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CycleLove Road Logo
v2 of the CycleLove website (coming soon)
The best way to support CycleLove is to buy a t-shirt — the site is ad free and does not generate income any other way at present. (and I'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible).
Stu, North London
Emma, South London
Broadway Market Boys, London
Craig, Dalston, London
Classic Colnago, San Francisco
Pretty Pink Pashley, London
Flatland BMX at Bike V Design, London
Jim, Alpine, Texas
Camilla, East London
Matt, Williamsburg, New York