-Hello I am Eleonora.
-And I am Pinelopi.
-We are exchange students from Greece, classmates and good friends!
-So we want to share with you our little story.
-Everything began when we asked to design a magazin about Switzerland on german text...
-Hmmm... Aber wir sprechen kein Deutsch!
-Despite of this fact, we tried to manage it by Google translator...
- And here is our inspiration!
-We realised that Google translation 'hurts' our language.
-Yes... The texts were totally wrong, meaningless, with many grammatical mistakes.
-So, we thought that it would be cool to show the strength of a problematic translation and the magic of languages!
-We hope you enjoy it!

And don't forget. Never underestimate the strength of the problematic translation. Threaten to cause misunderstandings.
teamwork by Eleonora Stamatiou and Pinelopi Mavromyti.
thank you for watching! :)