Submission for Adobe's #MunchContest
by Jessica Andersdotter
"The Fifth Scream"
I decided I wanted to interpret "The Scream" in my own way, and convert it into something abstract that still resembled the original and - most importantly - remained as emotional. I've kept the general shapes and composition from the original but changed the rest. Where the original is conveying great anxiety and fear, this image is the expression of a scream that might not have come out of fear. 

When it comes to technique I've used a base photograph of some swirling paint, digitally painted on top of it using the digitized Edvard Munch brushes and then pixel sorted it in After Effects. 

See below for the process. 

1. Painted the general shapes and colours I wanted using the digitized brushes (in Photoshop). Very quick and not that pretty at this point. 
2. Distorted the image I had using displacement.
3. Photographed some swirling paint that had a similar composition. 
4. Used the liquify tool to edit the shape of the paint to look more like "The Scream". 
5. Added the colours from the first digitally painted layer. Also added "stars" by using the brushes and then masking them to make them more "scattered" like tiny stars. 
6. Added the bridge part by pasting a copy of the base layer in the right corner. 
7. Colour corrected and changed it a little bit with a curves layer. 
8. Pixel sorted it in After Effects and then it was done!