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    Adobe Assets On Demand Demo Website Design
Adobe Assets On Demand Demo Website 

Assets On Demand is a SaaS platform from Adobe that combines digital asset management with the dynamic media technology from Adobe Scene7, allowing marketers to more quickly manage and update rich media on their websites. Adobe asked Axis41 to create a demo showcasing all the features available with this new tool. We provided UX strategy, design, and copywriting. 

My Role: Creative Director and UX Designer
Agency: Axis41
Sample Website With Demos
We designed a website for a fictitious outdoor retailer, and on the home page we added entry points to 9 different demos—one for each feature of the Assets On Demand platform. The goal was to help marketers more easily visualize how the product could be used on their own websites. 

DEMO 1: Shoppable Media
The Shoppable Media feature lets marketers turn any image into an interactive shopping experience, giving them the ability to easily add hotspots that reveal more information about the products shown in the image. Short of allowing users to place an order, the demo below was fully functional. Below are three screen captures from this demo. 

DEMO 2: Dynamic Imaging
This feature was specifically designed to help marketers optimize images for multiple screen sizes. It also makes it easy to update text over images on the fly. The page design below gives a quick glance at the possibilities Dynamic Imaging offers. 

DEMO 3: Interactive Video
This feature combines the benefits of video and still images into one viewer, and has the added benefit of being shoppable. Short of allowing users to place an order, the demo was full functional. Below are three screen captures from this demo. 

DEMO 4: 360-Degree Spin and Zoom
This feature made it easy to build a 360-degree model out of still images, while retaining enough resolution to allow users to zoom. Below are screen captures from the fully functional demo. 

DEMO 5: Zoom With Color
This is a simple, but super useful gallery for showing color options with added zoom capabilities. Below are screen captures from the fully-functional demo.

DEMO 6: Flyout Zoom
With Flyout Zoom, a zoomed-in area appears to the right of an image when the user touches or hovers over a specific area of the image. Below is a screen capture from the fully-functional demo.

DEMO 7: Inline Zoom 
Similar to the zoom feature above, touching or hovering over an image reveals a zoomed-in view. However, with Inline Zoom, the close up replaces the original image to conserve space. Below are two screen captures from the fully-functional demo, one showing the default state, and the other the zoomed-in state.

DEMO 8: Mixed Media Viewer
The Mixed Media Viewer allows marketers to mix and match different viewers. Below are screen captures from the fully-functional demo.

DEMO 9: Responsive Website and Demos
To showcase the responsive nature of the Assets On Demand platform, everything form the home page mockup to the 9 different demos was responsive.