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    Cassette + Booklet + Sticker in a blind pack.
EP 2016 [blind pack edition]

MSS FRNCE [misfʁɑ̃s] is a punk quartet from Paris, France.
The 4 lads recently released their first EP which I'd been commissioned to design.
As a big fan of punk music and its aesthetic & graphic codes, I wanted to pay a tribute to the scene with a 100% handmade work using tools such as scissors, adhesive tape and, obsviously, a photocopier.

The band's EP has been recorded on 50 random-colored cassettes.
It comes with a 24-page handmade booklet and a sticker.
Everything is packed into a black plastic sachet which prevents to see the color of the cassette.
Each pack is hand-numbered (50 pieces).

Listen MSS FRNCE here.
Follow MSS FRNCE here.