The design strategy of the Marussia company envisioned that every new model of the brand had to differ from the previous one. And as we know the side view forms the character of every car, so we worked on the projects B1, B2 and B3 trying to use different silhouettes.
In the B3 project we used the monovolume silhouette which was the right concept to create a very clean and iconic proportion. This also allowed us to install different size engines. The main concept was simple: the exterior styling was created with only three main surfaces (two side and one top) that stream the airflow around the main construction.
The space between the surfaces is projected to guide the airflow in order to cool the radiators and brakes. Underneath the main surfaces we developed an internal aerodynamic body. This solution also allowed to avoid problems with the alignment of the panels giving us a big tolerance. Unfortunately the financial problems of the company didn't allow to finish the B3 and in the end of 2010 the project was frozen.