The best and most delicious meals are those prepared using ingredients from your own garden. People in cities have little opportunity to have their own garden and enjoy their own produce. Moots is trying to solve this problem, with its small hydroponic garden in your flat.

The word Moots is a combination of two words; seed and moods. Moots is designed to perfectly match the modern home, and to encourage you to care for plants indoors as you would in a garden outside. In addition Pot Moots warn you if the plant doesn’t have enough water or nutrition.
If you want to enlarge your garden you can buy another pot. All pots are connected and controlled centrlly, from one place.

Pot Moots is available in three sizes, with a diameter of 15, 20 or 25 cm. The main pot with touch screen is spherical with a diameter 20 cm. It is connected with other pots and communicates with them.
Each pot consists of two parts:
1. external container with touch screen and transparent bottom.
2. internal container with plant and slide out LED lamp.