Youtube viral videos for , the first italian web community dedicated to gamer girls. The original audio I had to work with was that recorded with the camera built-in mics. It was really crappy, so after a work of audio restoration on it I began working on the sound design of it. I then added sound fx, and then wrote the score for it. Performed, tracked, mixed the score, and then mixed the original restored audio, the sound fx, and the score altogether. I ended it all up with a mastering session.
This video has a roof fan sfx going from the right to the left of the screen, and then a few interferences sfx during the rest of it. The voices are pretty reverberant and in some occasion delayed to underline the confusion of the prisoner.
The soundtrack is a modal theme that ends onto an arrangement of the channel's main theme.
Original score, arrangement, MIDI programming and editing,
audio restoration, performing, tracking, sound fx, sound design,
mixing, mastering: Lorenzo Salvadori