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    Nurtur for Nagoya Design DO! 2006
Concept for a Store Brand named Nurtur.


In 2006, the theme for the 5th International Competition NAGOYA DESIGNDO! was "For Someone Else" with an added qualifier of "Communicationand Collaboration."
Because communication does not necessarily have to involve only people,objects and the environment can be your partners as well. Thiscollaboration means that designs are not to be kept for or within oneperson, since the process of design is based on the relation betweenthe designer and other people or things.


"On that day, when we set around all the important things to us, therewas bread, wine, new flavours, new odors and new textures.
On that moment, I experienced new feelings and delighted myself with your own words.
You choose another flavour and we shared it. You tasted another dishand I followed your movement in a whole new complicity to me. MeanwhileI was trying juicy little pieces of yourself and you rased your glassto me.
A fresh aroma was smoothly sliding in your transparency. You toastedwith JOY, not with wine. On that precised moment I understood what youmeant and wanted to share it. After all, that flavour meant so muchmore. Since then, I realized that communication was beyond words,gestures or looks..."


A grocery where products are sold as concepts, ideas and feelings.
Nurtur is a place where the consumer can really buy emotions for himself or for someone else.

... and thanks to my great friend Sofia Morais for this wonderfull partnership!