ING Bank "Simple like at ING" / 2017

The Home'Bank platform (online banking webpage & App) from ING Bank Romania - is a very simple way to do all bank operations directly from your computer or smartphone. With so many things you can do with your Home'Bank, from paying your bills to discount shopping, people needed to know about it more. So ING asked us for a campaign that communicates the variety and simplicity of Home'Bank, avoiding the bureaucracy from the bank offices and saving precious time.

We looked for an innovative way to show that every bank operation can be done by yourself simpler than you think, from the comfort of your home.
Simple like at ING. (Simplu ca la ING)

Copywriters: Catalina Ceparu, Vlad Lazar / Art Director: Andrei Besliu / Creative Director: Vlad Lazar / Music: Electric Brother / Film Director: Mariano Sigal; Set Design: Roco Corboud ( / Agency: Headvertising

"SMS Alert" - You receive a notification via SMS every time a transaction takes place in your bank account.

"ING Bazar" - You can find and save the discount for you with Home'Bank App directly from your phone.

"Scan & Pay" - You can scan any bill with your phone, and automatically pay it from your bank account. 

"Home'Bank X-mas" - In 2018 you cand do all bank opperations directly from Home'Bank.

For the OOH campaign 
we kept the key message (Simple like at ING), but from a slightly different point of view: back to basicsHome'Bank services are so simple that you can visually synthesize every operation to its core action.

You can receive alerts via SMS, make your own card from your computer, save discounts in ING Bazar from your phone, scan and pay any bill with your smartphone, or get a credit by yourself. Simple like at ING.

 Branch Showcases & OOH 
Art Director: Andrei Besliu / Copywriter: Catalina Ceparu / Creative Director: Vlad Lazar / Photographer: Ionut Macri
 / Showcases & OOH photos: Andreea Moise

It is a Headvertising tradition to make a T-shirt for every campaign we create.
On every t-shirt, the dog from the agency logo is reinterpreted with a twist from each campaign.

Illustration: Andrei Besliu 

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2nd Place in ADC*RO ranking
August, 2017
ING Bank "Simple like at ING" / 2017

ING Bank "Simple like at ING" / 2017

► My role: Art Direction ● Copywriters: Catalina Ceparu, Vlad Lazar ● Film Directors: Mariano Sigal / Set Design: Roco Corboud ( Read More
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