Chéloïde is a Toile-de-Luxe collection - a small collection created to look like the finished product when worn of at a photoshoot, but with enough space to alter and improve to perfect the clothes.

The inspiration for this collection came from old photographs taken in the horn of Arica, where the Mursi and Nyangatom people live. Based on the skin cutting and scarification techniques and lip plates the Mursi use, strips of fabric were sewn together to create new shapes and volumes. Leather was sliced open to allow it to be shaped around the body and work as a new kind of darts. Hot iron stamps were pressed into velvet to create scarred fabric details. 

The collection was done in shades of brown, to create a new kind of 'nude' hues - a trend that had been popular for years, yet only for white skin. Closely resembling each other and matching the African model's skin the browns blend into the photograph background as well, melting into a solid nude brown universe.