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    Family house for some passionate book readers

House for passionate books lovers
'the visual relation between the book and the trees' 

typology: Residential, Private
status: Direct commission, Built
location: Bamba, Zamora, Spain
function: private house 243,00 m2 with a 15 Hectares of pine forest 
office: Henka Arquitectos
project  design & construction management: Yonatham González Varo & Monique Phou, architects
license: 'Autorización de uso excepcional en suelo rústico de la Junta de Castilla y León'
photography: Henka Arquitectos
completed in 2007

The work area contains a quiet enclave set in a landscape of black pines, frutier trees and vineyards in a 15 hectare site.​​​​​​​

The house is axially aligned to the south-westerly views of the pines forest drawing an imaginar linear axis with thousands of books about Zamora and its province. It is the rotule between the daily and the nightly living spaces of this house. Exterior living spaces are based on the precedents of traditional vernacular forms.

The project’s language of simple cubic geometries and vegetal roof terrace, and its natural integration in the surrounding landscape with the least possible visual impact allowed the construction of the house in a rustic site thanks to the delivery of the hard-to-obtain license 'Autorización de uso excepcional en suelo rústico de la Junta de Castilla y León'.​​​​​​​



by Henka Arquitectos