I am a young, passionate designer, illustrator from Mumbai.

College:  Sophia Polytechnic.
Year : Advance Applied Art (3rd Year)

It is a self initiated project.
My only goal is promoting positive community growth in our neighbourhood.
So I decided to work on quality education, highlighting important issues, solutions and Illustrated the letters into various typographic expressions.
I choose to go for simple graphic illustration style with bright colours.
I strongly believe that art & design is the solution to every problem we face today.
A is for aim high
B is for quality books
C is for classroom size
D is for dedicated teachers
E is for empowering girls
F is for freedom to choose beyond
G is for gender sensitive
H is for health care
I is for no illiteracy
J is for justice for all
K is for kind teachers
L is for quality learners
M is for mental health counselling
N is for no narcissism
O is for organisational skills
P is for parents support
Q is for quest for improvement
R is for no racism
S is for safe environment
T is for quality technology
U is for standard uniform 
V is for vision for education 
W is for no war
X is for sex education
Y is for your contribution
Z is for zeal to make a dream come true
I really enjoyed the entire process of working on this project.
1.The project got featured on :

2. Educating letters : featured Interview on New Love Times :

3. I feel happy to announce that Educating letters has made it to the top selection and won the first prize in applied arts category at the 58th annual Maharashtra State art exhibition.


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