Academic briefing
[Group work]

Redesign of a montly magazine about the cultural activities to tak place in Lisbon. The purpose of the design chosen was so that every page woul work as an individual card (almost like a postcard promoting the event). Therefore each page would have a picture of the event in the front (pages on the right) and it's description on the back (pages on the left). The way the pages are bind together is for that purpose also. A rubber band than can at any time be taken off so the reader can choose which activities interest him/her the most . This way they can take only that card with them so they can have easy access to all the information needed for said activity.

The graphic arrangement on the back of the post card is also unique to every activity and its caracteristics follow a monthly theme that asselbles them toguether. this months theme as a grundge look. The colors used represent the category of the event portraid (music, dance, theater, cinema, ...).