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    Some movie and comic book characters as ottoman.
Ottoman was Geeky

All characters in this serie are just fictitious and does not reflect to any person alive or dead or any political person.
Justice League as Fevc-ül Adâlet
Superman as Faik-i Adem
Batman as Sepbere-i Adem
Wonder Woman as Hârika Avret
Flash as Berk
Green Lantern as Fanus-u Ahdar
Aquaman as Ab-ı Adem
Martian Manhuter as Merihi Sayyad-ı Beser
The Joker as Bezlegû
The Hulk as Cüsam
Han Solo & Chewbacca as Solo Han & Koca Oglan
Léon & Mathilda as Lemi & Mahmure
Gandalf & Frodo as Câdûger & Kasir
Blues Brothers as Mûsikisinas Biladerler"font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"arial","sans-serif"usikisinas="">
Scarface as Cehre-i Mecrûh
Taxi Driver as Hammal
Grease as Raks