For AX 2017, Collateral Damage Studios was once again, the Singapore anime art studio behind the many artworks of the convention this year. As a bonus, we managed to attend the conventions ourselves to see the results of our work this time!
This artwork was originally meant to be the cover artwork for AX 2017's Program Guide. Subsequently, it was re-appropriated for other art purposes such as banner art or merchandising. 
Photo by Anime Expo
These artworks are used for the various badges and merchandises of AX 2017. 
500 sets. All sold out. 
Playmat by Cascade Games using art assets provided by AX
As there is a meido cafe for AX 2017, CDS also designed some of the character artworks to go with the cafe. 
Finally, we wanted something for AX. When Jeremiah was asked if he was interested in drawing for AX, he stated that he would like to draw something darker and cyber-funk. While the proposed concept for the program guide cover art 2017 was rejected in favor of something more standard cheery, the concept was implemented for the Premier Fan poster and pass.
AX's Neon District's key visual also used the background from the premier fan poster.
Account Manager : KC Ng
General artworks: Low Zi Rong
Sky background: Tan Hui Tian
Premium fan artwork: Jeremiah Boon