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Friday the 13th

Superstitions and bad luck are the typical themes associated with Friday the 13th.
What if all this fear and superstition became a huge popular celebration?
That's what happens every Friday 13th in Montalegre, a small town in the interior
of Portugal. The city turns into something much bigger and more alive than during the rest of the year.

 “It's not about believing or not, not to promote or censor, but to meet the people's imagination and have fun, play, make art, make culture.”
Fernando Rodrigues - Mayor of Montalegre

All this feast unfolds around the castle of the city, where at night they light a large bonfire where you do the “burning” by Padre Fontes. The symbolism of fire as life
is also reflected by the poster along with the program information with the intent
of creating a strong language and immediate perception of the event.