I released the project sometime ago, this been one of the first that got viral across the web, taking me by surprise with all the attention in blogs and sites around the world. More than the compliments, I really dig the insults and hate comments from people that don't really get it, or simply... hate it.
For your entertainment, here are some of my favourite, funniest examples of how angry and pissed off some people get when you mess with their pop culture icons.
"I know for sure the Ramones are rolling in their Graves."
"That edit of Kurt is blasphemous and against everything sacred in this world."
"Least likely to own an Apple product in the world, ever if he had lived today: Kurt Cobain."
"These are somewhat insulting to use the dead to promote brand names, especially for those that didn't practice such commercialism when alive. It's no different than pasting their heads on nude bodies."
I just wanna say thank you, guys! Feedbacks like these are what really makes me feel like a true artist. And, of course, they're fun as hell.