Photo by Taylor Luo
Jul 2017
We are living in an increasingly shrinking world. Instant communication and the internet have seemingly dissolved time, space and cultural boundaries. The international movement of people has reached levels previously unheard of. Globalisation has become a catchphrase for our times.

The atmospheric sciences have partly led and partly responded to this process. The extent of continental, hemispheric— and even global— transport of air pollution has become an issue of increasing scientific and policy concern; and nothing emphasises the fragile unity of the planet more graphically than the increasing evidence of climate change— and the portentous implications that emerge as we contemplate the possible consequences of the interaction of air pollution and climate change.

The term "Maiphobia", meaning the fear of air pollutions, is created based on a trendy definition of haze and smog in China— "霾", pronounced as "mai". As the air issues widely spread all around the world, the vast majority of the population begins to be afraid of the stuff they inhale, and the place they inhabit. MAIPHOBIA: DEN_SE is an appealing project directly facing, introducing and analysing the atmospheric issue to the public.
A package of a book and postcards is delivered to you via “Sky Mail”.
The book cover was made of clear acrylic board, with laser cutting and sandblasting techniques. 
The book has six chapters, differed by six different theme colours, which are referred to the colours of Air Quality Index (AQI). Texts are getting denser as the book goes on, which means the density of particles in air are getting higher.
A total of 7 postcards is included in one package. Each one corresponds to one of the chapters.
The final poster was printed as a large format black&white wheat-paste poster. The effort from the whole class finally turns to an exhibition, Phobia, Movement and Isms, located at Macy's Plaza, DTLA.

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