A few days ago my instagram follower Moarice dropped the link to iMac presentation on apple.com and congrats me that my image was featured. But it wasn’t my image. Just someone copied my style. 
If you follow me for years you were the witness of how my style appeared from the «Sauce type» (inspired by a mixture of soy sauce and oil) and video «Pacific Light», and developed with experiments with various types of paints and materials in subsequent projects «ODYSSEY», «Sweet Dreams», «NEON 4K», «LA LA LA».
The situation is awful, you spend a lot of time to sharp your style, experimenting and someone just copied it without any changes, without imagination, and the fact that such a large corporation like Apple promote it is distresses me. What about individuality of the artist?!
It's cool if my work inspires other people to create, but originality is a key. 
So this situation inspired me to release this wallpaper set :)
wallpaper set (desktop & mobile) for personal use only