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    My Senior Thesis project for my BFA at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts had two components: an ongoing correspondence project with a diverse… Read More
    My Senior Thesis project for my BFA at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts had two components: an ongoing correspondence project with a diverse group of collaborators, in which I sent and received prompts and responses exploring the theme of kindness; and an installation in the foyer of SMFA building inviting viewers to reflect on their actions and interactions through the lens of kindness. Both were designed specifically invite interactions from participants and viewers. The installation at the culmination of the project included a display of ephemera from the correspondence and vinyl panels of text installed on the doors and windows of the all glass entryway. The movement of reflections, opening and closing of doors, changing light, and different vantage points activated the installation, inviting viewers to create their own interpretations and interact with one another. Read Less
Installation viewed from in front of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.
Installation viewed from second floor of foyer. 
Being kind makes me like you, Being like makes us kind
Can art be kind? I have not answered this question to my satisfaction.  But in pursuing it, I have had the opportunity to research many aspects of kindness, gaining particular insight from an ongoing correspondence project with a talented group of collaborators.

To embody this research I have created an installation in the transitional space of the foyer, where we hold the door,  navigate close quarters and faculty, staff, students and visitors mix.  The interplay of text, reflection and people continues my research and invites viewers to create their own interpretations.
Viewers interacting with entryway installation.

Kindness mailings.
Installation of Mailings.

By installing the mailings along the bar where people typically gather and set their drinks during exhibitions I hoped to encourage viewers to interact with one another.

Prototypes and digital Mock-ups for Kindness Installation

Prototyping was essential for this project. I only had access to the foyer for a brief period, and only had the budget to purchase the materials for the installation once. I began by creating 2D mock-ups by layering vector graphics over photographs of the space.This was a quick and efficient way to explore a wide range of colors and layouts. I also created a scale model of the entryway to gauge how the text would overlap. Finally, I created several full-size cut-paper prototypes of the text and taped them to the doors. This was an invaluable stage in the process as it allowed me to discover that a mirror image of the text of the door behind the viewer was reflected on the door in front of the viewer. Despite all of my conceptualizing, I had not anticipated this mirroring effect. I had been struggling to decide if the text should face out of, or into, the space between the doors, and this helped resolve that question.