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Discovering Shopping Cart Tools for Accounting
It’s not the most interesting topic of all, but it is necessary if you are an owner of business. So, let’s talk about accounting and shopping cart tools (meaning applications) for it. Accounting includes the way of operating with orders management, also with inventory and costs. All these together influence the level of productivity, tax compliance and your mind in peace even.

Luckily, there are a lot of shoppingcart tool to help you in your work with finance and you can skip hiring a professional but very expensive consultant. Most of the applications really ease your life helping you to track all the costs and revenue.

So, let’ get down to business.

1.       TaxJar.
World web made it easy to buy goods regardless of your location. If your business is in Ohio, for instance, you may have just 10 clients from Ohio, 200 from New York and 30 from California. To avoid some loss in tax of sales, there were Amazon laws enacted, due to which business owners bear responsibility to file sales tax in those state where they sell their product. So, in this case, you have collect and file taxes in these states as applicable. Can you imagine this nightmare? Spending weeks in order to collect and calculate, how many taxes you should pay for each transaction.
And here TaxJar appears on the scene. It does all the mentioned above work for you and allows you focus on your business running. All you need to do is saving your time, as this shopping cart tool automatically files taxes.

Main Features:
·         Automatic calculation of tax
·         Deals with your shopping cart software
·         Automatic filing of taxes
·         Actual vs. Expected feature

TaxJar is going to cost you about $20 per month.

2.       QuickBooks
Most owners of business know this name, though they have never faced to accounting issues. This rich and multi-functional tool is a must-have for a small business. And with every year it is becoming better and more updated.
Due to its specific features in ecommerce, all your sales can be recorded from any channel, and all your finances can be synchronized with system of payments, such as Square, PayPal, etc.  On top of that, this shop cart tool tracks your inventory, bills and even expenses with the function of making receipt pictures. You can you both online version of it and a desktop version.
At first sight QuickBooks may seem intimidating for you with lot of its features. That’s why you should start with taking some learning curve.

Main features:
·         Built-in management of inventory
·         Facility with exporting data to some other tool
·         Possibility to track orders from several sources
·         Synchronization of your bank accounts
·         Managing payrolls

Online version for QuickBooks is going to cost you $10 per month.