Daily UI Challenge

It's a 100 day UI design challenge that is created by joining the website (www.dailyui.co) and each day it sends you your daily ui challenge and it's description through your mail.

I'll keep updating this project each time i finish the challenge so stay tuned .. 
let's get started

Challenge #001 - Sign Up
" Design a sign up page, modal, form, app screen, etc."
Challenge #002 - Credit Card Checkout
" Design a credit card checkout form or page. Don't forget the important elements such as the numbers, dates, security numbers, etc. "
Challenge #003 - Landing Page (above the fold)
" What's the main focus? Is it for a book, an album, a mobile app, a product? Consider important landing page elements (call-to-actions, clarity, etc.) "
Challenge #004 - Calculator
" Design a calculator. Standard, scientific, or specialty calculator for something such as a mortgage? Is it for a phone, a tablet, a web app? "
Challenge #005 - App Icon
" Design an app icon. What best represents the brand or product? Or is it incredibly unique? Does it look great at a distance and does it stand out when put on your home screen alongside other apps? "
Challenge #006 - User Profile
" Design a user profile and be mindful of the most important data, names, imagery, placement, etc. Is it for a serious profile? A social profile? "
Challenge #007 - Settings
" Design settings for something. Is it for security or privacy settings? Game settings? What is it and what's important? "

Challenge #008 - 404 Page
" Design a 404 page. Does it suit the brand's style? Is it user-friendly? "
Challenge #009 - Music Player
" Design a music player. Consider the controls, placements, imagery such as the artist or album cover, etc. "
Challenge #010 - Social Share
" Design a social share button/icon and be mindful of the size, imagery, placement, and purpose for sharing. "
Challenge #011 - Flash Message (Error/Success)
" Design a Flash Message with both the outcome for an error and success. "
Challenge #012 - E-Commerce Shop (Single item)
" Design an e-commerce shop. Is it simple for a local business or a large online retailer? "
Challenge #013 - Direct Messaging  
"  Design a Direct Messaging app, profile, or chatbox. "
Challenge #014 - Countdown Timer   
"  Design a Countdown Timer. Is it for an app? An interface for an oven? A sport related countdown? A launch countdown for NASA?  "
Challenge #015 - On/Off Switch  
"  Design an On/Off Switch. Consider what's being turned on/off and how it should be done"
Challenge #016 - Pop-Up / Overlay 
" Design a Pop-Up/Overlay. Is it a web sign-up form that pops up? Is it an ad overlay? "
Challenge #017 - Email Receipt
" Design an Email Receipt. What was purchased? On what date?  "