Make it happen (Rotterdam/the Netherlands)

At the end of 2014, Rotterdam Port Authority, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Municipality Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners joined hands to put Rotterdam even more firmly on the map, both in the Netherlands and abroad, and to attract locals, companies, students and visitors and inspire them to get involved in the city. How? By launching a joint profile and the pay-off ‘Make it Happen’, reflecting the typical Rotterdam mentality that shows what the city, the port and its inhabitants stand for: pioneering, pushing boundaries and practicing a no-nonsense approach.
'Rotterdam Make it Happen' asked me to make an interactive wall piece that would invite people to actively become part of the artwork to create their own image for a photo. It's the second wall in a series of seven, produced by Mothership. This one is located at the intersection of the Schilderstraat and the Schiedamse Vest