Sliced Composition #2 (Den Haag/the Netherlands)

The Netherlands is hosting a yearlong, nationwide celebration of the 100th anniversary of De Stijl ('the style'), a movement that began in 1917 and is characterized by the reduction of form and color to their essentials: bold, simple, abstract geometric compositions and primary hues. Street art Binckhaven asked me to work with this theme to kick off a series of paintings (based on De Stijl) that will appear in the Binckhorst area during this year.
My contribution can be divided in three parts that, when combined/stacked, will form a Mondrian like composition.
The same style of building block composition fit very well with an exhibition in Berlin one week after I finished the wall in Den Haag. The What in the world exhibition was curated by Evan Pricco of Juxtapoz Magazine and was hosted by Urban Nation. A show starring long-time favorites like Ekta, Jeroen Erosie, Serge Lowrider, Ermsy, Hyuro and Zio Ziegler.
This piece is called Square Roots.