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    This commission was for Freshdesk, an old client. All the walls in thier offices are designed and painted by me. This was their third expansion, … Read More
    This commission was for Freshdesk, an old client. All the walls in thier offices are designed and painted by me. This was their third expansion, where I have worked with textures and explored different materials like chalk, painted on metal shutters and brick walls. Read Less

Wall Art / FreshDesk 3
Commissioned wall art in Chennai.

As a part of Phase Three for Freshdesk, I explored textures and techniques. Experiments with different materials helped me in creating an entire wall in Chalk, I brought in second-hand shop shutters into the office space to create a mock 'Tea Kadai' (Tea Stall). I also hand - lettered more than 30 quotes that are popular with the employee's here. This artwork came as a request to infuse the walls of the office with quotes, internal jokes, the office working culture and branding.
'Chalked Out'
This turned into a self taught 'chalk board art' exercise for me.
The close up shows textures of the wall, and the chalk on it. 
 A recycled version of 'Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish'.
The letter 'A' turns into a real ladder that the employee's can actually climb on.
The graphical shapes and the colour palette are meant to represent how 'hungry' meets 'fresh' meets 'foolish. 
The idea was to let the central typography stand out.
Sketching up the next wall.
'Who are you?'
Doodles of faces. Employees and customers have played an important role in the journey so far.
And 'What are you saying?'
A hand-lettered wall with the most popular dialogues, local slangs, phrases and corporate quotes.
Taking a rest.
English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and even 'Spells' make their way onto this wall. 
Play / Work
This was a geometrical, symmetrical artwork that was inspired from line iconography and playing-card art.
It's made up of absolutely straight lines, that were sketched on a curved wall. 
Faux 'Tea-Kadai'
A colorful tea stall called 'Only Vadai' - was a pun intended on the evening snacks served at Freshdesk - Dal Vada, Dahi Vada, Medu Vada.
This space connects both the cafeteria's, hence we feigned an outdoor street feel with a closed shop shutter, a window sill complete with an 'A' board menu (with spelling mistakes!). 
And the classic 'P James Magic Show' scribbled out in the corner, it's something you cannot miss, scratched out on different walls and lanes in various parts of Chennai. 
The Tam - Brahm in the sketch, has Vada's replacing his eyes.
It was tricky to paint on a shutter, as the brush keeps sliding over the surface. 
Also owing to the smoothness of metal, more than two coats of paint are required to get the right finish. 
The different shades of Superstar!
Celebrating the different roles and times of Rajnikanth - one of South India's biggest movie stars. 
This wall remains to be the most popular one, amongst the local fans who work here.