This project as been concept this spring, in collaboration with the SPA (Animal helper) SPA : ''Matthieu Torch'' and the DA ''Juliette Caron'' For an Adoption campaign. 

As you might know it's maybe more easy to get a (just born) animal of any kind, but in summer time a lot of people abandon their animals to go on holiday or just because they don't know how to live with them. The SwissSPA is a refuge for all this abandoned animals and together we decide to create these two images within a joke around the Adoption. 

And as you might not know ''ADOPTING'' IS EASIER THAN WHAT YOU THINK !  

Many thank'y to my team to have helped on this project. 

SPA :                Matthieu Torch
DA concept :    Juliette Caron
Photographer : Jacob Muller

Assistant : Jonnas Baechler
Assistant : Barbara Chappuis

Photo 1 : Models : Mme Gomez
                              J-L Gomez
                              Jérémy Zahno
                              Juliette Caron

Photo 2  Models : Sarah Maillard
                              Barth Vadr

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SPA // Animal Adopt