Edelweiss House

«Edelweiss» is a residential complex by the German development company Edelburg Development, being built in Pecherskyi district in Kyiv. The developer paid attention to the layout of apartments, accentuate the panoramas of the city and the latest engineering technologies.

We have developed positioning, name, corporate identity and communication for new residential complex. We took as a basis the word «
Edel» (germ. Noble) to emphasize the German roots of the developer. The complex is being built on a hill, so we remembered the rare mountain flower Edelweiss.

Fachwerk is an architectural style that was formed in Bavaria, the German part of the Alpine mountain range. It gave us an idea for the graphics of a residential complex. We kept the square grid and the plastic of the individual elements, but changed the thickness of the lines, making the style more restrained.

Specific patterns have become a synthesis of two ideas: German quality traditions and high mountains with stunning panoramas.

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Designed by Madcats Branding Agency in Kyïv · MMXVII
Edelweiss House