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Moon water hotel is a boutique hotel base in Taiwan, it located in a mountain beside a lake. The chinese name of the hotel is "探月居”, meaning the place that you can reach the moon. Since at night, you will see the moon reflection on the lake, it feel so close that feels like you almost can reach it.
By using this beautiful and poetic inspiration, shou wei tsai decided using modern asian art aesthetics to tell this poetic story. Adding water wave ( symbol of lake) and the circle (symbol of moon), the modern and simple hotel logo is complete.

Shou wei tsai believed that branding is not just a logo, a pattern, he believe that branding is all about the way to telling a story. So on the envelope, he deliberately separate the logo, put the moon on top and the water on bottom, make the envelope looks like the night scene of this hotel. So it not only telling a story but also make the  design more flexible.
Shou wei tsai also believe each brand should have their one own unique point, in moon water hotel, he create a small, beautiful take away booklet. This booklet doesnt print any information about this hotel, no phone number, no room type, no all the information you need. But it tell a story, tell a experence that you will had in this hotel, from first to the end is the journey when you in this hotel, you will arrive at night, see the star, the onwer will hand you the key, then you will hear the bired sound, see the shining rock in the dark when you walk the path toward your room, then you will see the fish, swiming in the lake, finally, if you look up, you will see the big moon.......