I was approached by Mia Williams and Katherine Amara PR to create a logo and brand identity for a family of raw, organic ginger shots. With a background in research and biology, founder Mia was intent on a look that referenced the science behind the product. With that in mind, I designed a logo mark based on the molecular makeup of gingerol, a good-for-you bioactive compound that goes into each Tizzy Shot. 
   For the color scheme, I went with hot, natural colors that convey the flavor of the product— spicy, vibrant and organic. It was importnat to ensure that these compact bottles were unique enough to stand out on the shelf of a grocery store, but still reflected the idea that Tizzy Shots is a simple, natural product with very few ingredients. This was something that was kept in mind during the whole creative process, right down to the art direction for the photo shoot.