Logo Collection
These are some logos that I've ever worked on from the last 6 years
Claudia Gomez - detox kits and essential oils
Cheshire Craft - Cannabis company in Cheshire, Oregon
The Lash Co.
VillaNova Apartments
Golinveaux Pediatric Dentistry 1
Golinveaux Pediatric Dentistry 2
Our Place is an apartment logo. The four hands surrounding the house is a symbol of hospitality, clean, care and secure that represent the spirit of the apartment.
Inland. Ocean Lover
Logo for a crossfit in New York.The Kingkong wearing a New York city that shapes like a crown reflected the power in the city just like the spirit of crossfit.
Air Force Fun 
Breakneck Lager. Cheers anyone? :P
Masters. Bar & Resto
Albustan Engineering
Benjamin hans. The logo were made from the initial letter "b" and "h"
Logo for The Brooke hotel. The letter O made from 2 wedding rings symbolized newly wed that are welcome to the hotel
The brook hotel. More elegant looks
Clearview properties. An open window show a beautiful view reflected a great place to live
Data Knight. Data symbolized with a form of a shieldf and a paper. Two sword crossing symbolized knight
Jew for tebow is a logo from a loyal fans. the hand symbol came from hamsa (jewish hand) because tebow is a jewish.
This is the final design that picked by client
Logo for a restaurant. If you look closer, you can see a spoon and a fork hidden in letter B. this one is one of my favourite
Deer Creek Farm logo
Deer Creek Farm logo is kinda vintage and earthy fell
Royal Gas logo
First Born Sons is a logo for a Band that formely by Gunnar Nelson.
Logo Compilation

Logo Compilation