Detroit Denim Company
Detroit Denim Company started decades ago with a sewing machine and one man’s interest in making things and altering his own jeans. Since their launch, Detroit Denim Co. has scaled from the early days at a coworking hub, to their own factory and flagship retail store. Detroit Denim Co. jeans use the finest quality components, all sourced from American companies, handmade in Detroit, by Detroiters – to refute the myth that it’s impossible to create a sustainable jeans business domestically. And to help diversify the manufacturing base of Detroit, by producing a line of men’s jeans like no other.

We worked with Detroit Denim to mature their brand, while honoring their heritage with a custom sewing machine mark, a traditional indigo, red and hunter palette, and sturdy transitional type pairing that are informed by the product and environment. We expanded the brand with a full image and text campaign around their five ready-to-wear cuts of men’s jeans, in addition to in-store environmental design, tagging, and merchandising for the flagship boutique and factory. The work was capped off by a custom-themed Shopify site featuring the new branding, image campaign and a comprehensive online store.