Dolf Henkes Prijs 2016 (Rotterdam/the Netherlands)

The Dolf Henkes Prijs is awarded once every two years to a Rotterdam artist who pushes the boundaries of contemporary art. I was nominated amongst three other artists, namely Rana Hamadeh, Rory Pilgrim and Katarina Zdjelar. These images are a registration of the exhibition related to the award nomination. The exhibition was on display from december 2016 until march 2017 at Tent in Rotterdam. Eventually the prize was awarded to Katarina Zdjelar.
Photo's of the exhibition are by Aad Hoogendoorn and Sasha Bogojev. Photo's of the performance by J C Thomaz & the Missing Slippers are by Fleur Beerthuis.

'Return to return'
'Status quo ante'
Drawings from the series 'Hypercube habitat'
'King of snake'
Examples of some of the tessellation puzzles I created
A selection of sketches
JC Thomaz & the Missing Slippers