Unearth International is a group of companies who identify local opportunities and aims to unlock the potential of rural communities. Aspiring to uplift locally relevant economies, Unearth targets people, making them aware of the environment that they so diligently reply on.  Unearth does this by creating sustainable and locally relevant commercial partnerships.

We were challenged with clarifying the way the group communicate their structure and the value that they deliver. 

The results:

Unearth - Focuses on Community Development
Unearth Experience - Focuses on Travel & Tourism
Disruption Capital - The Finance Arm
In order to bring this to work graphically, we needed a brand that allowed each company to build off the success of the others but still allowed for differentiation. Our work need to function for all 3 companies and leave room to expand into future companies or even sub-projects of Unearth (Schools, Businesses, and Farms).
How did we create the brand?

We created a simple Icon based on the “U” and used colour and a dynamic grid to differentiate each company.

Unearth is all about developing people, the community, and the ecosystem they survive on. Thus, the grid of Unearth is inspired by the geometric shapes formed by dry earth itself.

The inspiration for Unearth Experience, a travel experience company came from the paths that animals and humans make when they move through nature, marking the land.
Typography was key to element to tie the group together. We selected the London type family, a classic font with a quirky personality. We really loved how it felt modern but not too serious. London is the glue that holds all our documents together.
To work on multiple formats from websites to game drive vehicles, we created a flexible relationship between the “U” and type mark. The relationship can change dynamically as and when needed.
We selected colours inspired by Africa to reflect the roots of the brand. The colours are different by brand to show subtle differences. Unearth is more primary and vibrant, while Unearth Experience is more subtle and natural.
A subtle shift in the photos was another way of differentiating the companies.  Photos for Unearth show an element of nature, with beautiful close-up shots of fauna and flora, embracing the patterns and textures found in nature. Unearth Experience is a showcase of people enjoying travel in Africa.
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Unearth Group Branding

Unearth Group Branding

A branding and strategic design project for Unearth International - A group of companies who identify and unlock opportunities and potential in r Read more


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