Fifth Scream - Hidden Treasure / Adobe Munch Contest
Are you the master of your generation?
Edvard Munch painted four versions of "The Scream". Now it’s your turn to create the 5th version using his digitally recreated brushes.
Edvard Munch has always been a notable figure in the world of art; especially for his iconic and gothic looking 'Scream' masterpiece, in whichever of the four forms it takes. Adobe has decided to see if a fifth version could complete the series, by being rendered by a talented digital artist.
The challenge was opened, so I sought the opportunity to see if I could respectfully portray my idea into the final and fifth 'Scream'.
I have been a fan and user of Kyle Brushes for some time now, so when I found out that the creation required the use of these wonderful additions to the digital toolkit I was very pleased. After installing the brushes I managed to do some test (see below) and get used to them. The final image actually used all of the brushes in some way or another.
Final Piece: The Fifth Scream
There really wasn't much of a process in the delivery of the image. I did however do some work in getting used to the brushes, by trying to do a portrait of Munch in a basic style that reflected his brush work.
Also below, can be seen the basic path I took to complete the piece.
The competition is being held via Adobe Software and the details can be found here: