Questions to Ask From Landlord before Renting Apartment
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Questions to Ask From Landlord before Renting an Apartment Unit
There is a set of questions that you should ask the landlord before you make a decision about living at his/her place. The reason is that this is the place where you are going to start living, and you would certainly not want to wait for the minimum renting time to get over so that you are able to find the new apartment for living. You need to be clear about the rules and other factors to make sure that the apartment you are going to rent is a suitable place for you to live.

So, the set of questions that you should and why you should ask is explained below.
Rent and the fee
The payment of rent is one of your biggest monthly expenses. Therefore, you will have to be sure about your ability to pay certain other fees with ease. For instance, the cost of water and sewerage are usually covered in monthly rent. But the cost of electricity, gas, phone and other amenities need to be managed separately. Furthermore, you will have to determine which services you will need to be set up on your name.
Apartment’s capacity and the visitor’s policy
You should refer to the occupancy standards and read them in detail if you are planning to move along with a large number of family members.

There aren’t more than 2 people per bedroom allowed for most of the apartment building. This also includes the children. So, if you are about to have long term guests, you need to check the rules first in order to know about the landlord’s policies.
Ask about refundable deposit

There is a difference between deposit and administration fee. Deposit fee is usually refundable while administration fee is not. In most of the cases, you can get the part of deposit fee refunded. Full deposit fee can also be given back to tenants if they would return apartment in good condition. If there is a significant amount of money which the landlord has asked you to submit as deposit, you should check the policy about refunding before submitting that fee.
Ask if you are allowed to keep pets

If you love to keep pets, you might find it pretty difficult to find a landlord who would allow you to keep the pets. You might have to pay a separate nonrefundable deposit if you want to keep pets. Some landlords and property management companies even ask for monthly fee for pets.
The parking situation

Whether you are not much bothered about parking or you need to pay extra cash for it is entirely dependent on the location of your apartment. If the apartment you are living in has the dedicated spot, which often lies in the basement, the parking should not be a matter of concern for you. However, if you are forced to pay extra dollars for parking your car in a parking lot located far away from your apartment, it ought to be an issue. Find out if there is a parking space around the apartment.