Michael Ableman & Foxglove Farm

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  • In 2009, we built brand material, a website, and some print pieces for Foxglove Farm, run by celebrity farmer Michael Ableman and his partner Jeanne Marie Herman. The farm is responsible for providing organic produce, eggs, grains and legumes to the local market, and this is complemented by offering accommodation and seasonal workshops around arts, ecology and agriculture.
    Below are some samples of our behind-the-scenes work (strictly Rocketday's work), as well as the final products (which were more of a collaboration between Rocketday and Michael Ableman).
  • Rocketday's process
  • early logo draft that we created (discarded in the design process)
  • colour palette we created for the visual identity
  • website sitemap, helping us & Michael see the content structure
  • website wireframe we made to show the navigation
  • website visual design concept A
  • website visual design concept B
  • website visual design concept B
  • results (a collaboration of Rocketday + Michael Ableman)
  • promotional rack card
  • B&W program guide cover